Yunnan Silver Needle, Spring 2024

Yunnan Silver Needle, Spring 2024


Our Yunnan Silver Needle White Tea was harvested in early Spring and carefully processed to preserve the purity of the leaf. With pure nearly-opened buds covered in down white hairs, this tea is as beautiful to look at as it is to taste! Yunnan Silver Needle has a dry leaf aroma of summer bluegrass and clover, where the wet leaf opens with wildflowers, jasmine rice, cinnamon, and a light touch of cannabis. The taste begins with a velvety sweet body with base notes of honeysuckle, horchata, and ripe pear. Mid sip presents a creamy feel similar to avocado and also hints at sweet clover and papaya. The aftertaste is reminiscent of osmanthus flower and a sweetness lingers on for minutes after the last sip. A fantastic silver needle!

For those that prefer a more grounded, earthy silver needle, I would recommend giving our Guangxi Silver Needle a look!



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