100% Handcrafted


The tradition of handcrafting is far too rare in our machined world, and has lost so much meaning over the ages. It seems that companies these days can touch a product at some point during manufacturing and call it handcrafted. I believe in the traditional meaning of handcrafted — crafted by hand.

At Whispering Pines, everything is done by hand to ensure the absolute highest quality product. From hand-cutting vanilla beans to hand-writing thank-you notes, Whispering Pines carries the tradition with pride.

Your tea is mixed by hand in small batches using only a scale and a stainless steel bowl and is then funneled straight into our hand-stamped packages before being sealed and shipped to your doorstep. All of our tea is crafted with care and delicacy to create the most pure, beautiful tea experience possible.

I believe in quality, handcrafted products. Do you?

From the Pines with Pride,
Brenden Gebhart
Owner and Tea Mixologist



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