Shipping Policies

Whispering Pines Tea Company ships exclusively through the United States Postal Service 

Generally, our lead times do not exceed 4 business days. However, due to our handmade tradition, we can not guarantee that your order will be fulfilled in that timeframe. When you make your order, you will receive a confirmation email. The next email you will receive will be a shipping confirmation along with tracking information. This confirmation email will come from either PayPal or USPS.

Due to the large volume of orders, order status will not be updated on the website.

We provide free tracking on all shipments other than shipments to Russia! Shipping times vary, but normally stay around 3-5 business days for domestic, and 1-2 weeks for international, or longer, depending on the strictness of customs in your country. We ship worldwide, but we can not be held liable for lost or damaged shipments.

Australian Shipments

We ship to Australia at your own risk. Because the import regulations for Australia are so strict, sometimes tea shipments stay in customs for prolonged periods of time, and occasionally, for one reason or another, they never make it out. Unfortunately, as a small business, we can not afford to reimburse our customers for packages that don’t make it through. If you would like to order our tea, please note that it will be at your own risk and out of our control upon being shipped.




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