Mountain Tips, Xinyang Maojian (1/2oz), Pre-Qing Ming, Spring 2024

Mountain Tips, Xinyang Maojian (1/2oz), Pre-Qing Ming, Spring 2024


PLEASE NOTE: This tea is sold by the 1/2oz! The price above reflects this. This decision was made to allow more people to enjoy this high grade green tea!

Xinyang Maojian is a famous green tea produced in the Henan province of China. This tea is harvested in the early spring and is comprised of tiny, highly aromatic leaves. The aroma is stunning, comparable to a summer morning walk through a deciduous forest with hints of pine and sweet wild grasses. The flavor is super sweet and full, coating the mouth with rich umami and evergreen, lingering on for quite some time after the tea is done. Hands down one of my favorites!

Pre-Qing Ming: Qing Ming is a festival held on the 15th day after the spring equinox in China (either April 4th or April 5th each year). Teas (in particular green teas) picked prior to this date are generally considered to be the highest quality harvest of the year. When tasting our Pre-Qing Ming teas, it's not hard to see why!



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