The Ranger, Spring 2023

The Ranger, Spring 2023


He sits there, in the back of the dimly lit pub, hooded and shrouded with dark allure. You can smell him with your eyes from across the room — a mystic memory of woodsmoke and mystery. We all know the man…or at least we think we do…

The Ranger is of course inspired by Strider from Lord of the Rings. This tea has been on my mind for years, and I only recently had the breakthrough moment. A blend of various wildcrafted purple varietal black teas and lapsang souchong, The Ranger strikes hard with an ethereal rustic quality, roasty and savory hints with a backbone of leather, rum, and gentle woodsmoke. Not many teas give me the feels like this one, especially on cold afternoons. A must have for lovers of the rustic!



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