River Rain - Spring 2019

River Rain - Spring 2019


There’s no richer earth have I walked upon
than where flowers rise to greet the dawn,
and pine trees breathe a vibrant air,
while morning rain drips through their hair.
This healing place grows wild wood
where the resting heart is understood.
The eddy’s wash away your pain
and bluebirds sing for river rain.

Springtime in the North is beautiful. Soft morning rains fill up the Michigan rivers and you can watch the pine needles swirling around in the gentle current, listen to the migrant black-throated green warblers, and smell the riverside wildflowers. There is a warm and pure serenity along the most remote river bends that could create a naturalist out of a construction worker. A little piece of perfection can be found in every misty morning raindrop on the tip of your tongue.

Rich in aroma and wild in flavor, the River Rain experience takes you straight to the inspiration. There is a certain something that just feels like sitting beside a river in the morning, soft rains all around...springtime ferns and flowers and the unmistakable taste of spruce in the air. The flavor is what I would call untamed. If you seek a gentle, easy going green tea experience, I would recommend Laoshan Green, but if you want to journey to the beautiful Northern rivers, I highly recommend River Rain!

River Rain is our house green tea!



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