The inspiration is October of course! The goal for this blend was to bring you to the October pumpkin festivals as well as create the feeling of autumn, and this blend does not fail! We started this blend by roasting yabao to bring out delicious, sweet, salted kettle corn notes! Blending our house-roasted 2013 aged yabao with cedar leaves (also roasted in-house) created a fantastic fall time medley, reminiscent of the evergreen trees outside of the gift shop at every October festival and the sweet aroma of kettle corn in the air. Opening the door to the gift shop, you are overcome with the mouthwatering smell of pumpkin pie spices, which we achieved by adding the perfect amount of organic cinnamon and cloves! 

The final product is light and sweet with the perfect pumpkin spice background, highly aromatic with notes of hay, evergreen, and caramel, all achieved with zero additives and only four ingredients!



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