Moondance, Spring 2019

Moondance, Spring 2019


Moondance is a very unique spring-picked white tea. It is minimally processed to preserve the purity of the leaf as well as a beautiful taste and aroma. First, the large leaves generally used to make pu'er are carefully picked and allowed to become lightly oxidized. The following day, they are brought into a shaded area and warm air is blown over the delicate leaves to dry them. Moondance has delicious sweet fruity notes generally found in white tea but also malty notes generally found in black tea. Notes of melon, white grape, hay, and eucalyptus take the stage as a velvety honey-sweetness coats your mouth, similar to the fuzz on a peach. Light cinnamon spice and malt play background notes and the aftertaste is that of honey wheat bread with melted cinnamon butter! With a medium body and a strong, lasting finish, this makes a great afternoon tea as well as a tea to sip while on hikes. This tea will develop a much deeper body over time, eventually tasting like a black tea! Great iced, too!



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