Mi Lan Xiang - Dancong Oolong, Spring 2022

Mi Lan Xiang - Dancong Oolong, Spring 2022

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Mi Lan Xiang is a famous varietal of Dancong oolong grown on Phoenix Mountain in Guangzhou, China. Phoenix mountain is a high elevation (1000m+ above sea level) mountain that spends most of the year covered in mist. Tea trees thrive in these conditions, producing some of the most complex and beautiful tea available! Mi Lan Xiang translates to Honey Orchid Fragrance, and carries, as the name implies, a warm honey and orchid flavor profile. Our Mi Lan Xiang is lightly charcoal roasted to bring out these notes. The flavor is smooth and sweet with thick honey and orchid, a light mineral aftertaste and lingering fruit and floral qualities.



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