Leishan Pearls, Spring 2020
Leishan Pearls, Spring 2020

Leishan Pearls, Spring 2020


Creamy, sweet and aromatic little green tea balls! These are individually wrapped and are perfect for traveling with. Price is per ~3g ball. This tea is super pricey, so to keep the price as low as possible for you, there is no additional packaging for them...steeping information is listed below:

Recommended gongfu style: use 1 ball per 100ml gaiwan and 170ºF water. Start by steeping for 45 seconds to get the ball to open up a bit. Brew for color from there on out.

Recommended western style: Place one ball in a 16oz mug or teapot (teapot is ideal). Add 170ºF water to it. Allow to cool to drinking temperature, enjoy 2/3 of the tea, then refill with water. Once this stops producing, you can boil the leaves in a small pot over the stove for 10 minutes (or until color is a medium-dark amber). If you are using a mug, it's helpful to have a spoon or other utensil on hand to help hold the leaves back as you drink.



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