Guzhang Maojian, Spring 2019

Guzhang Maojian, Spring 2019


Quick Sips: This certified organic tea is juicy and sweet with florals and spruce forest vibes!

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Our Guzhang Maojian is a green tea from a remote mountain tea garden in Hunan, China. The aroma of the leaf is bright and springy florals, and the taste opens with the same. This further opens into cream and a fiddlehead-like chewiness, hints of wild grasses, and a slight citrus note comparable to wood sorrel. Sweetness is there as well and reminds me of white mulberry and honeysuckle nectar. There's a slight edamame savoriness in the finish and a long lasting spruce note. The more you drink, the stronger the spruce note gets. Quite an awesome tea!



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