Guangxi Silver Needle, Spring 2023

Guangxi Silver Needle, Spring 2023


Guangxi Silver Needle really took me by surprise! I've been sampling silver needle style teas since 2012, and this was only the second one that impressed me enough to sell. I find that too often, silver needle just tastes like sweet water, and I look for more texture and complexity. That's why the Guangxi Silver Needle stood out to me. This is the first flush from spring buds, harvested in the beginning of March from a biodynamic organic farm. The front is deep and earthy with huge texture and aroma of petrichor and old forest. The middle of the sip gives a wildflower sweetness that fades into a raw cane sugar minerality. Truly a treat, especially for those of you that like a bit more richness in your white teas!

For those that prefer a more floral and fruity silver needle, I would recommend giving our Yunnan Silver Needle a look!



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