Evergreen Oolong, Spring 2024

Evergreen Oolong, Spring 2024


This high mountain Taiwanese oolong is a beautiful example of how a tea can transport you to another place. With an aroma of summer forests and wildflowers and a rich, sweet body, Evergreen Oolong takes me home to the Michigan woodlands. The taste opens with daffodills, pine-infused honey, and cream, and shifts between that evergreen note and sweet florals throughout the session. The aftertaste lingers with a soft and fresh almost redwood-bark-like richness, without ever really giving way to what could be called woody. A very delightful tea, this is currently our house green oolong!

Origin: Long Feng Xia, Nantou, Taiwan


Vacuum sealed in 1oz packs that are labeled "Labeled "EO"". This will ship furthermore with one of our labeled bags to put the tea in after opening it.



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