Earl Gold, Spring 2024

Earl Gold, Spring 2024


Quick Sips: An earl grey made with our Golden Snail black tea, this one brings an awesome balance between rich, complex black tea and fruity, sweet bergamot.

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Earl Gold is a beautiful example of what happens when classic tea and passion for exceptional balance and quality come together. The goal for this tea was to create an Earl Grey with a high quality gold bud Yunnan black as the base...one that would be designed for gong fu brewing but also hold up to western style with milk and sugar. I started with the well-loved Golden Snail and paired it with pure cold-pressed oil of bergamot before aging for 30 days. The balance of this blend is remarkable, with the base tea shining through and the bergamot ever-present. Every steep of Earl Gold brings forth a new dimension of malt, cocoa, and citrus notes with a strong natural sweetness and incredible heady aroma. I highly recommend enjoying Earl Gold gong fu style to fully experience the beauty of this blend!

Ingredients: Black tea & cold-pressed bergamot oil



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