Drain Hose, Per Inch


Select the length of hose you need for your tray and click "Add To Cart". The price is per inch.

Afterwards, click one of the accessories below to continue outfitting your tray.

Mason Jar Top - Catches your drain water securely in a mason jar!

Drain Hose Splicer - Allows you to cut your hose into segments and easily reconnect them. Ideal for when you want to set up your tray in multiple places with varying distance from the tray to floor.


A note about hose length: Measure the distance between where you will normally be using the tray to the floor, then add 6 inches just to be on the safe side. If you require multiple lengths of hose, you can order the maximum length you will be using and then select our "Drain Hose Splicer". With the splicer you can cut your hose into two pieces and very easily splice them together for a full length hose.