Dragonwell (1/2oz), Pre-Qing Ming, Spring 2024

Dragonwell (1/2oz), Pre-Qing Ming, Spring 2024



PLEASE NOTE: This tea is sold by the 1/2oz! The price above reflects this. This decision was made to allow more people to enjoy this high grade green tea!

Quick Sips: Buttery and nutty with awesome mouthfeel. Chestnut, some spice, a hint of fruit. A delightful Chinese green tea!

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Dragonwell is a famous green tea from Zhejiang, China. A great Dragonwell is generally rich in chestnut notes, smooth and vibrant on the tongue, and has a wonderful balance of buttery sweetness and vibrant, invigorating texture. This is the best Dragonwell I've come across yet, and it hits all the best marks for Dragonwell and for green tea in general!

Warm, rich chestnut mingles with honey and spice while the tiny downy hairs on the leaves lend a texture that's unmatched in green tea. There's abundant umami flavor and the tea steeps many times, each time lending more complexity to the overall experience. A hint of bitterness here and there grounds me during my sessions, reminding me of how multifaceted a tea can be!

If you're a green tea lover, I highly recommend our Dragonwell!

Pre-Qing Ming: Qing Ming is a festival held on the 15th day after the spring equinox in China (either April 4th or April 5th each year). Teas (in particular green teas) picked prior to this date are generally considered to be the highest quality harvest of the year. When tasting our Pre-Qing Ming teas, it's not hard to see why!



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