Dark Faerie, Spring 2020
Dark Faerie, Spring 2020

Dark Faerie, Spring 2020


Toss the leaves into a warm teapot and you'll find aromas of figs, raisins, and hints of cocoa. The wet leaf aroma is very oolong-esque, reminding me a lot of the oolong version of this (Faerie Pillows)...it's creamy and floral with some maltiness. The mouthfeel is super silky and clean, with a touch of spice and walnut notes. Malt and cream follow with a strong dried papaya note, and the finish brings to mind dark honey. Delicious tea!

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These mini black tea bricks come from the Fujian province of China, and are made with the shui xian (translation: water faerie) varietal of tea. They are triple bagged, first in a paper wrapper, then plastic, and finally vacuum sealed. This ensures the absolute freshest tea possible!

This is the highest grade of these available. I like to break them in half and get two sessions out of them. Each brick is just under 1/4 ounce (~6.5 grams of leaf). Price is per brick. Vacuum packaging color varies.



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