Cedar Ridge

Cedar Ridge


Imagine waking up at your campsite in the summer, stepping outside and rinsing your face off with naturally chilled water from the stream beside your tent. You breathe, stretch, and then head up the ridge to see the sunrise. On the way up the hill, you pick wild berries and breathe the clean morning air. When you reach the top, the sun rises above Lake Michigan and warms the tips of the cedar trees while the soft morning breeze pushes the fresh Michigan air into your lungs, revitalizing your body for the perfect morning hike. 

Cedar Ridge was inspired by sunrises and summer camping in evergreen forests. This blend combines slow-roasted cedar leaves with elderberries, cinnamon, and spearmint, all brought together with a touch a ginger. Sweet, warm, and smooth, Cedar Ridge opens with the indescribable aroma of roasted cedar and elderberries. At the middle of the sip, earthy and warm elderberry combine with notes of pine wood, closing with the lightest touch of mint and ginger, leaving you with an aftertaste of caramelized fruit! One of our goals with Cedar Ridge was to create a complex herbal blend where all of the ingredients are easily distinguished yet blend together perfectly. Each ingredient in Cedar Ridge contributes a unique flavor to the overall blend, and each ingredient is vital to the beauty of the cup. Best enjoyed outdoors!



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