Wholesale: Why I Do Not Offer It

Whispering Pines Tea Co. was founded on the idea of small-batch blending, quality assurance, and close customer interaction.

I’m glad that my company stood out to you. Unfortunately though, I do not plan on ever offering wholesale.

I prefer to stay in close contact with my customers and keep product output at a minimum so that I can keep a close watch on the handcrafted quality of my product. If I were to offer wholesale, I would have less time to craft my teas and thus output a much less artisan and quality-controlled product.

By keeping no gap between me and the customers enjoying my creations, I can ensure that all of my customers are enjoying my tea the way it was intended, and answer questions and make improvements by directly interacting with the customer.

My teas are an artisan product of the highest quality, and WhisperingPinesTea.com is the only place you will ever find my handcrafted teas.

From the Pines with Pride,
Brenden Gebhart
Owner and Tea Mixologist



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