Thanks for dropping by this page. Here I'm going to give you a general guideline of what to expect when purchasing tea from Whispering Pines. I'm hoping that this can help manage expectations and help you feel more comfortable with your purchase!

I believe there are a couple main points that are of most importance. I'll give a brief outline of each and if you have any further questions, I would recommend reaching out to me via the Contact Us form.


#1: Quality

I think that it's probably hard to believe that a business can be run with 100% honestly and integrity, but if you knew me personally, you would expect nothing less. I don't make decisions based upon what will make me money, but rather based upon what will make people happy.

The way it works is like this: First, I love tea, a LOT. I started Whispering Pines because I love tea and love sharing it with people. All of my selections are based on my enjoyment level when I drink the tea myself, and I'm pretty obsessed with trying to find and drink the best tea on the face of the earth. If a tea is on my site, that means I give it my highest recommendation. Again, though, this is based on my personal enjoyment, which doesn't guarantee that you'll love it the same (taste being subjective). You will find that I try to keep the quality level as high as possible across the board so I can maximize the enjoyment factor.


#2: Packaging

All of my teas other than pu-erh cakes come in resealable airtight (at least as airtight as possible for resealable) bags. These bags each have a label on them that says the weight of the tea inside, brewing instructions, and a few other things. They are also color coded based upon what type of tea they are, so you can organize your stash easily. To make things easiest, nearly everything is pre-bagged in 1 ounce bags, but occasionally I will package things in 2 ounce bags to not waste packaging material. Shipments are sent in cardboard boxes without a packing slip or order receipt. These are sent electronically and I don't even own a regular printer believe it or not!


#3: Shipping

Shipping times vary, but I try to get all orders shipped next business day. Whispering Pines is completely a one-man operation, so please take it easy on me if your order takes a bit longer to ship. Sometimes I need to take a personal day and sometimes I get a bit behind, but I promise you that I'm shipping your order as quickly as I possibly can while maintaining my sanity.

Shipping prices:

USA is $5 and free after $50.
Canada is $14.
All others are $18.

Some of these may seem a bit high, but I am often a slight bit in the red on shipping, and with shipping prices seeming to go up every year, I'm unable to make any cuts at this time. I hope you understand.


In Conclusion

I'm hoping that this page has helped you clear any doubts and feel more confident with giving Whispering Pines a chance. I give you my personal promise that your experience will be nothing short of magical.

Brenden Gebhart
Owner and Founder



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