Ambrosia, Spring 2021

Ambrosia, Spring 2021


Quick Sips: Rich, bursting with vanilla and chocolate, with a vibrant mouthfeel and layers of fruity complexities. Ambrosia was crafted to be the most decadent, balanced, and overall beautiful vanilla black tea ever.

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Have you ever been kissed by the bliss of the morning sun? Have you stood with the Crystal River where the salmon run? How about the oak groves where the ferns grow and the chickadees sing from every tree in the spring? Do you remember how it plays your heart strings? Because when I walk outside and the sun glints off my left eye I can not deny that everything about life is just fine. It’s true that when I grab fresh cherries from the roadside stands in Michigan, my heart begins to sing again, and I can’t help but listen and wish that every person could feel it too, like you. And the wildflowers wash my worries away, so I stand there and say, “This is how life should be every day.” This I why I blend. I blend to take the memories that have inspired me to be everything I could possibly wish to be and share them with you. And sometimes, I return home, and everything I’ve ever known returns to me, and in a flood of inspiration I dig deep inside my mind to find a way to cup these times. But what if we could cup the sunshine? What if there was a sip that was so fine that it recalled your favorite things from spring time? What if a wisp of this and a dash of that came from the mind of a teasmith so mad that he decided he couldn’t hold back and threw everything he had into a small bag? I was tired of what-if’s…sick of could-be-betters…hungry for decadence and recollection of the most mind-blowing and inspiring things that have ever touched my soul. So I crafted Ambrosia.

A blend of Imperial North Winds and tahitian vanilla, Ambrosia opens with powerful cocoa, malt, and maplewood. The body is silky smooth and creamy, carrying on to a lasting finish. Each sip of this beautiful tea builds, with cherry and maplewood dancing through mid-sip and apricot and wildflowers wisping through the finish. Vanilla notes linger with a powdery mouthfeel that in the beginning hints at cocoa powder, but later on translates to bee pollen and dandelion leaves. There is a thick sweetness comparable to orange blossom honey throughout. Ambrosia is vibrant and awakening, reminding me of the way the fresh Michigan spring breeze whispers through the pines over trilliums and new growth. Enjoy this perfectly balanced brew anytime of the year!

Ingredients: Black tea & hand-cut Tahitian vanilla
: Spring 2018



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