Solid Walnut Handcrafted Gongfu Tray


This tray is 100% handcrafted from a beautiful solid piece of walnut. Every Manawood piece uses sustainably harvested wood cut from dead, downed, or dying woods.

Finished with a fully waterproof proprietary blend of resins and oils, this tray can last indefinitely with proper care and maintenance! This tray is fit with an inlaid side-drain and your choice of hose length. With this hose, your spilled water simply drains into a jar or bucket on the floor beside your table. With the optional custom mason jar top (fits any regular mouth mason jar), you can plug the end of your hose into the cap for spill free, sleek draining. I highly recommend adding this top to your purchase!

After you add this tray to your cart, click here to continue outfitting your tray. It is necessary to add a hose to this tray!

A note about hose length: Measure the distance between where you will normally be using the tray to the floor, then add 6 inches just to be on the safe side. If you require multiple lengths of hose, you can order the maximum length you will be using and then select our "Drain Hose Splicer". With the splicer you can cut your hose into two pieces and very easily splice them together for a full length hose.

This tray will come with detailed information about care and maintenance.

Price includes shipping to the USA. If you are ordering from outside the USA, you will be contacted after your purchase to pay an additional shipping charge. This shipping charge will be the real postage price minus the domestic shipping price. This can be quite high for international shipping. Please keep this in mind when ordering a tray!