Silver Snail Green Tea

Silver Snail Green Tea


Silver Snail is a gorgeous Autumn-picked green tea from Yunnan, China. The varietal used for this tea is assamica, meaning that the leaves are larger, thicker, and with a bolder flavor than the usual style of Chinese green tea, most of which uses a small-leaf varietal.

This medium-bodied green tea opens with creamy edamame and oat, with a chewy and very stimulating mouthfeel. Vanilla notes build throughout each steep as well as a very light gardenia note. Mid-sip presents a gorgeous butterscotch note that lingers long into the finish.

This tea is also a brilliant example of how the right balance of bitterness and astringency can be very enjoyable and keep you coming back for more! Keep infusion times short at first, and slowly increase them throughout the session. This tea will infuse many times, and the aftertaste lingers for a VERY long time.