Arbor Mist

Arbor Mist


An incredibly intriguing offering, Arbor Mist is composed of 100% wild-arbor leaves from the high mountains of western Yunnan, China. This particular tea is made with a unique varietal of wild tea called Ye Sheng that has naturally developed UV resistance by evolving purple leaves. The taste is smooth and sweet with the foremost notes being tangy lime, miso broth, warm cedar, and a cool, tingling camphor spice. The middle of the sip hints at honey and oakmoss, and the finish is lingering sweet wood, camphor, and salted cashew.

Despite having an incredibly smooth body and unique taste, we believe that the most interesting characteristic of this tea is the cha qi, or tea energy. Within a few minutes of drinking Arbor Mist, you are overcome with an absolutely beautiful tranquil feeling. It’s as if your senses are heightened and your focus is razor sharp. We like drinking this tea before hikes or yoga, as we feel that it allows a deeper connection with nature and our bodies.



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