Honesty & Integrity


I believe in high quality products. I also believe in offering them at a resonable price and without any gimmics, lies, or sneaky marketing schemes. I try my hardest to learn as much about a tea as I can before offering it to you. My love for pure ingredients with no hidden additives stems from my personal morals and forms an obligation to be 100% honest with my customers. Everything you see and everything you read on my website is pure and true and will always remain that way.

That being said, we all make mistakes, and we all have errors. I do not claim to know everything there is to know about tea. If I did, I would have trouble enjoying my work. I'm always learning. If you see something on the site that you think might be wrong, or if you are an expert on a certain type of tea and you notice I mixed up the facts, please let me know! I am certainly not above making mistakes, so please call me out on them so I can better the experience for everyone. If you note a mistake, please contact me!

My marketing budget is $0. You will not see Whispering Pines Tea ads anywhere. I believe the tea will speak for itself. One thing you can do to help me to continue providing exquisite teas is to share with friends. Tea is meant to be shared, and by sharing with your friends, you are opening their eyes to the world of tea, sharing my inspiration, and creating an atmosphere with them that is built on honesty and love.


From the Pines with Pride,
Brenden Gebhart
Owner and Tea Mixologist



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