Black Beauty, Summer 2019

Black Beauty, Summer 2019


NOTE: I expect this to sell out quickly, but I have more on the way, so don't worry if you miss it! Next batch should be arriving within a week or so.

This incredible black tea reminds me a lot of Oriental Beauty! They were picked around the same time of the year from essentially the same material (different varietals but same style of tippy bud material) and share some similarities in processing, but the resemblance of flavor and aroma is truly remarkable. 

Black Beauty opens with a heady floral-fruity aroma with strong honey notes. The taste is the same with the addition of some malt. The mouthfeel is chewy and the body is a medium-dark with silky smooth texture. Touches of cream come through thanks to being from the Jin Xuan (Golden Lily) varietal, and stronger steeps reveal a slightly sour fruit that comes across to me a bit like peach, which is also probably because of the mouthfeel and sweet finish.

A really incredible Taiwanese black tea that I'm super excited to have in the lineup!



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