Laoshan Green, Spring 2023
Laoshan Green, Spring 2023

Laoshan Green, Spring 2023


Our shade-grown, pesticide free Laoshan Green comes from Laoshan Village, a place famous for their super-sweet spring water. It comes as no surprise that the sweetness of that water translates to immensely sweet teas! 

The dry leaf aroma is of warm chestnut, snap peas, and a fresh feeling that I can only compare to being by a springtime riverside in Northern Michigan! The taste is sweet and complex, with honeysuckle nectar, toasted chestnut, and oats taking the front. Snap pea and edamame can be found amongst the thick and creamy mouthfeel. The finish is soothing and reminiscent of fresh garden basil with a light cooling note that feels like a breeze in the shade. 

A truly remarkable tea that really showcases the quality of great green teas coming out of China!



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